Friday, 15 June 2018


My name is Jox, I'm 15 years old. I need to start by saying this: by no means, is this a historical document but merely an essay requested by my facilitator to compliment my studies. I should explain; we no longer have things like teachers and schools, but instead orientators as I suppose you might call them in your time. It's a much more focused education, tailored to every individual’s needs, potential and interests. Humanity has changed a lot and our formation and studies no longer only comprise traditional subjects like the ones you study such as maths, geography and history for example. In addition we are also offered tuition in a more complete way, involving how to deal with our emotions and keep our body working at its optimum level. This essay is part of my emotional well being studies where I was asked to write a letter to someone in 2016 to explain how the world has changed. The main idea behind this exercise is to learn how to put ourselves in someone else's place. This practice has been part of our culture for a long time and serves as a means to solve many of the global conflicts; its use has been very successful in this regard since it was instituted. It might be something you have heard about in your era but nowadays it’s used as a very practical and effective tool in many areas such as politics, business and personal relations.
I love history, learning how people went about their lives in different periods helps me get a better perspective of our current issues. In my time it’s very difficult to get in touch with the culture and history of your time and that's the sad part, when so much was lost. Since the global act enabled the possibility for anyone to live wherever they wanted, most of the old buildings and cultural traditions have been lost. The world changed quickly and entire urban areas started to disappear to open space for all the new structures that were needed. We don't have cities or countryside as you would know it. People live in communities tailored to be self sustainable. We all have our roles and most of what is required is produced and resourced locally. It can only grow to a size that is sustainable to the local environments resources and considering the impact generated. Most of the repetitive work is mechanised, which freed people to use and develop their mental capacities to their highest potential. We no longer have money or what you would know as an economic market system. Our system is based on social contribution and everyone knows their role is very important in the continued sustainability of our population. Another interesting idea you will have to get used to is that there is no more ownership. Goods are shared according to different people's needs as every single person owning all kinds of goods for limited non regular use was unsustainable for our planet. It works similar to how libraries do in your time to give you a better understanding of the idea.
We have most meals together and instead of a family that is blood related like you are used to, we now have a broader idea, where we are grouped more by our personalities and interests. We still have our personal space but we don't spend a lot of time on our own unless we really want to. We understand it would be impracticable and unsustainable for every single human being to have their own property entirely to themselves. Even shared resources within one family like it is for you, would be of an unthinkable impact to our planet and its resources.
Families and the way we reproduce have also changed a lot. As is known to you, human beings are different than other species as a lot of our brain and development happens after birth in the first few years of our lives. For that reason a lot of regulations and infrastructure was put in place to make sure every new life has its best possible chance of development. Stress and the environment in those early years and during pregnancy was found to have a huge impact in our formation. For that reason traditions like families having to have babies or women being pressured to be mothers no longer exist. We see the act of generating a new life as the most precious thing and for that reason people that decide to dedicate their lives to that task are carefully selected and that becomes their contribution to our society. That's their job as you might say, so we can make sure all needs in the early years are met, like physical, emotional and psychological nurturing. This different way of thinking also helped control the ever growing and unsustainable population that was characteristic of your era.
With the fast development of technology that was so evident at your time, people started to isolate themselves more and more to the point of social collapse. A large percentage of the population was suffering from depression and other mental illnesses as a result of it. As I recall you called it social media, where you would use a device to keep in touch with people. That had a huge impact in people's lives, became an addiction to most human beings that had access to it, almost extinguishing face to face social activities. After years of studies specialists concluded that being part of a real social group improved every part of our lives and little by little the virtual world as you know it died and changed its function. We understand it's part of human nature; the need for contact, compassion and social interaction. It’s the lack of these that makes people become competitive and selfish, ruining the chances of a cooperative fair society. I watched a film from a couple decades prior to your year called The Matrix where that idea is explained in a figurative way. People connected to a virtual reality that didn't really exist but they were unaware.
Physical aspects of the human race in my time also look very different than in yours. I think it’s very intriguing to look at old photographs of how different people’s appearances were. That would have been a very interesting world to live in but I can see how that had its challenging side too.
It's very difficult for us to understand the idea that people had a capacity to form a judgement or opinion of each other based on their appearance. That's not possible now as we have similar looking physical aspects and any traces of peoples cultures and origins are no longer as obvious or existent. Fair white skin slowly disappeared as it couldn't resist the increasing temperatures of the planet. Same with the blue and green eyes, I truly wish I had seen one. I imagine it would be like staring into the ocean or a forest. The different colours and shades of hair are also gone. All these physical changes over generations resulted in largely indistinguishable appearances causing the end of all the beauty related industry. The same happened to clothing, for us it is a lot more about performance and enduring all the different weathers and necessities of our daily lives than what you would call fashion.
Human development took a massive leap forward when the governments of all the nations discussed and decided the only possible way to sustain humanity was making the world one. The imaginary border lines didn't make sense any more. There were constant wars over religion, land, political regimes and power to name a few. It was a very difficult time in history, but one of the most important and brave decisions ever made. The wars and fighting continued for many decades after, but slowly people started to appreciate the fact that they had control over their lives as never before in history. The whole world changed quickly, masses of people started moving to different areas of the globe. Places that had strong economies saw a considerable influx of people. But that didn't last for more than a few years and soon most people realised a better life wasn't really a more comfortable economic situation.
A global parliament was created and the world was evened up in regards to education, health and infrastructure. That was one of the biggest achievements of humanity. Since that time, people haven’t felt that they have had to flee, or leave their families and friends behind to try to find a better life or even just to survive as I have read about in many books from your era. Those who moved, it was for different reasons, they found some other place on the planet that suited their personalities better or the life style they wanted. As there were no more barriers, passports or citizenships most people realised this was a fair world compared to what came before, where we all have equal opportunities. A persons future is no longer determined by the random fact of where they were born. Every single person has the same opportunities to pursue their dreams, whatever they are.

For some time there was still racism and attacks from more extreme people feeling threatened as they believed there was a need to keep a pure race. Resistance to change is something we work a lot to extinguish within ourselves these days. We understand life and the world is ever changing and nothing will stay stationary for long. We are here for a limited amount of time, our contribution needs to be towards the bettering of the planet and all its inhabitants.
After the global act, slowly as the generations grew up there was after a while not a single person that didn't have a mixed background or someone in their family that they loved and was of a different race or culture. So it became very difficult for the separatists to sustain and defend the idea of a pure race. The change in our physical aspects had a huge impact in our society as we had to learn how to value and get to know each other for other aspects like personality, ideals, intelligence and aspirations.
For many generations it felt like people didn't know exactly what to do now that they could do whatever they wanted. Crime went down, but depression and suicide levels rose. Unfortunately most people didn't know how to dream or have goals to achieve. But with time and a few genius pioneers our planet saw innovations and improvements never dreamt of. Our lives and our homes changed at such a rapid pace, tiring sometimes but most of the time exciting.
Religion lost its appeal for most people as now we all had access to good health systems, education and opportunities. People started seeing that it depended a lot more on themselves to achieve things, no longer down to luck or divine grace. That stopped most of the violence related to religious beliefs. People nowadays are spiritual but more in the sense of working their own minds and feelings not so much related to something external to them. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness and ways to relax the mind and the body are widely practised and we learn these techniques from the day we are born. But most of us don't even know that it all first started as a religious practice. Although I've heard of Buddha being a history fanatic. Some people believe there is something bigger than us, undiscovered but not in a judgemental patriarchal way as most old religions would have you believe. It's more a curiosity and a belief that we can't be the most incredible creatures in existence.
Most of us understand we don't know it all and there is still a lot to be discovered. It would be irresponsible and arrogant to think that what we know now is the absolute truth. An open mind is the way to the future. We learnt lessons from ancient times when people killed the ones that would disagree with the commonly held belief that the earth was a flat plate just because they didn't know any different. Or just sometime after the belief was that the Earth was the centre of the universe. Or not too long before your time people believed cigarettes had health benefits. Just at the right time you will also find out many of the things you believe and had as taken as proven science were incorrect. So the only thing I can say is keep an open mind and don't take anything as fact. Science and the need to test and prove theories will be of incredible help to human development. It still is to this day.
I don't think it would be beneficial to say much about our technology or go into detail about how our lives are nowadays. I believe there is a lot to be gained and learned in the journey to achievements, almost as much as the result itself. That's why still to this day we don't know the exact date we are going to die even though we have the technology and means to be able to determine that. We see how much more important and beneficial it is not to take things for granted. As a society we work a lot on that concept, and we have become a lot better at that but still sometimes we just go on with our routines and forget the bigger picture, however as much as we can, we keep in mind our time here is limited and it will end at some point.
I'd describe this as a hope letter from the future, to give you the strength through this difficult time in our history and let you know all will be ok and will work out for the betterment of all human kind. Even to this day we have the tendency to think and dream a lot about the future ahead of us. With that in mind it's a strange idea for me to grasp that I am what you think about but yet have no idea it is still to come.
In any way your struggle is my pride, and I rest assured we will all look back and feel astonished by all that our civilization has achieved . If I can give one piece of advice that would be to stick together, unite and learn how to live in a world with so many differences. I can guarantee one day you will miss them.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Um mundo mais justo?

Em tempos de eleição no Reino Unido votos são ganhos dizendo que vão fazer a imigração parar. Ao mesmo tempo, um barco cheio de pessoas tentando ter um futuro melhor afunda, levando todas essas esperanças e vidas. Perfeita hora para nós nos perguntarmos que tipo de mundo queremos viver e ainda mais, o que nós queremos deixar para as próximas gerações. Eu mesma sendo um imigrante, sou incrívelmente grata pela oportunidade que tive e eu sei como tenho sorte. Eu amo este país que me deu oportunidades e uma vida que eu nunca poderia ter sonhado. Mas é realmente justo que oportunidades sejam concedidas apenas baseada no fato aleatório de onde nascemos? Eu não consigo pensar em nada mais desigual do que isto ... Este mundo não é realmente nosso, nós somos apenas passageiros aqui por um determinado período de tempo assim não é certo para proteger e guardar-lo desta maneira. Nós não deveríamos estar construindo muros mais altos, mas tendo a certeza de transformar este mundo como um todo em um lugar melhor para que todos tenham oportunidades iguais onde quer que decidam viver. Foi-se os tempos da conquista e proteger as terras a qualquer custo. Vamos usar essa conexão que é possível hoje em dia com toda a tecnologia que temos e somos muito orgulhosos e encarar o fato de que é um mundo diferente e que somos todos iguais  querendo a mesma coisa. Lutar por um futuro melhor para todos e não apenas as pessoas que nasceram dentro da nossa mesma divisão geográfica ....

Fair world?

In times of election in the UK votes are gained by saying they will make immigration stop. At the same time a boat full of people trying to have a better future sinks taking all those hopes and lives. Its time for us to ask what kind of world we want to live in and even more, what we want to leave for the next generations. Being an immigrant myself, I’m incredible grateful for the opportunity I had and I know how lucky I am. I love this country that gave me opportunities and a life I could have never dreamed of. But is it really fair for people to be granted opportunities just because of the random fact of where they were born? I can’t think of anything more unequal than this… This world is not truly ours, we are just passengers here for a set amount of time it’s not right to protect and guard it this way. We shouldn't be building higher walls but making sure we transform this world as whole in a better place so that we all have equal opportunities wherever place we decide to live. It’s gone the times of conquering and protecting lands at any cost. Lets take this connectedness that is possible nowadays with all the technology we have and we are so proud of and face the fact that it’s a different world and we are all the same wanting the same thing. Fight for a better future for everyone not just the people that where born within our same geographical division

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy World Cup!

The world cup is coming! The England flags are all over houses and cars now…

And with it a lot of questions and doubts. I can’t tell how many times in the last few weeks I have been asked the same question when people find out I’m originally from Brazil

“Do you think is going to be ok?”

I honestly don’t know…

In a way it makes me sad that is the question in most people’s minds in such exciting time. It’s not because I come from the football country that I say the world cup is exciting. It was actually spending the world cup in Italy and here in England that it made me realise how incredible it is. People of all likes and backgrounds united interested in one subject. It makes us more open and willing to learn and know about other cultures, specially the host nation. 

And the country I grew up has so much interesting things to offer! People’s hearts are much bigger than the violence that has always shadowed the streets. But yet the only positive things that people know about Brazil are how hot it is and how wonderful the beaches are. Yes people here know all about the favelas, violence, prostitution, drugs, crime, gangs, the poor state of the education and health systems and how much people are unsatisfied with the government and corruption. And they all think Brazilians don’t want the world cup in Brazil and with it all the people that would come. 

So I feel I need to say something to defend where I’m originally from. Yes it’s a country I decided not to live my life because of all it’s problems but still there are so many wonderful things about it. Maybe the very best is its people, hard working, fun friendly! An example of resilience and creativity. Our very survival depends on it. It’s ironic that normally it’s in the poorest that you most easily find happiness and gratitude like nowhere else.

It’s a country of opposites, where you can find the most rare and exotic animals but if you kill one you go to jail for many more years than if you kill a person. Where beautiful cities like Brasilia are planned and built in the most inhospitable landscape, but builders still die in a regular basis as if it was part of their job. Where hard working poor people spend everyday of their lives making ends meet to support their families whilst the rich corrupt people, companies and politicians that are only worried about possessions and to cleverly get even richer.

The extreme also is in our nature and landscapes, from deserts to forests, beaches to swamps, hot and cold weathers (yes there are parts of Brazil that can get very cold!). It carries on in our history, according to it we were discovered just over 500 years ago but that doesn’t mean there were not people living here before, the indigenous peoples. But even with just “in the books” history we have been through a lot: fight for our freedom, slaughter, wars, revolution, slavery, exploitation, dictatorship, civil wars…

You will also find that Brazilians are very welcoming and highly adaptable. It’s the origin of who we are. There is not a pure blood Brazilian. We are made up of so many different nations and cultures, Indigenous, Europeans, Africans, Japanese, Chinese, Jews, other South Americans… If you research emigration of different people you will probably find that the biggest settlement outside their home countries are in Brazil.

But I guess we'll have been so beat up by life and difficulties that we have this characteristic of thinking everyone is better than we are. It makes me sad that its maybe what it will be shown to the world. But I know the beauty that exists in this beautiful vast country and it's people and I hope you will see it too. 

Happy World Cup!

Ps.: to the Brazilians I say what my mom used to say, dirty clothes we wash not in front of our guests… The problems will carry on after the world cup and will take a while to solve but this is the opportunity to show all the good we have to offer! That’s the only thing that can bring positive change and respect.

Feliz Copa do Mundo!

A Copa do Mundo está chegando! As bandeiras da Inglaterra já estão todas sobre as janelas e carros...

E com a Copa do Mundo muitas perguntas e dúvidas. Não posso contar quantas vezes nas últimas semanas tenho ouvido a mesma pergunta quando as pessoas descobrem que eu sou originalmente do Brasil

"Você acha que vai ser ok?"

Eu honestamente não sei ...

De certa forma me deixa triste que essa é a pergunta na mente da maioria das pessoas em um momento tão emocionante. Não é porque eu venho do país do futebol que eu digo que a copa do mundo é emocionante. Na verdade, foi passando a Copa do Mundo na Itália e aqui na Inglaterra que me fez perceber o quão incrível ela é. Pessoas de diferentes culturas e origens unidos interessados em um assunto. Isso nos faz mais abertos e dispostos a aprender e saber sobre outras culturas, especialmente a nação anfitriã.

E o país que eu cresci tem tantas coisas interessantes para oferecer! Os corações das pessoas são muito maiores do que a violência que sempre assombrou as ruas. Mas as únicas coisas positivas que as pessoas de fora sabem sobre o Brasil são quão quente é e quão maravilhosas as praias são. Sim, as pessoas aqui sabem tudo sobre as favelas, violência, prostituição, drogas, crime, gangues, o mau estado do sistema de saúde e educação e quanto as pessoas estão insatisfeitas com o governo e corrupção. E todos eles acham que os brasileiros não querem a copa do mundo no Brasil e com ele todas as pessoas que viriam.

Assim sinto que preciso dizer algo para defender, de onde eu sou originalmente. Sim, é um país que eu decidi não viver minha vida por causa de todos os problemas, mas ainda há tantas coisas maravilhosas sobre ele. Talvez o melhor é o seu povo, trabalhadores, amigáveis e divertidos! Um exemplo de superação e criatividade. A nossa sobrevivência depende disso. É irônico que, normalmente, é no mais pobre que você mais facilmente encontrar a felicidade e gratidão, como em nenhum outro lugar.

É um país de opostos, onde você pode encontrar os animais mais raros e exóticos, mas se você matar um podera ir para a cadeia por muitos mais anos do que se você matar uma pessoa. Onde belas cidades como Brasília são planejadas e construídas em uma das paisagens mais inóspitas, mas os construtores continuam a morrer regularmente, como se fosse parte de seu trabalho. Onde trabalhando duro pessoas pobres gastam todos os dias de suas vidas tentando pagar contas para sustentar suas famílias, enquanto os ricos corruptos, empresas e políticos estão apenas preocupados com posses e como conseguir de forma esperta ficar ainda mais ricos.

O extremo também está em nossa natureza e paisagens, desde desertos a florestas, praias a pântanos, climas quentes e frios (sim, existem partes do Brasil que podem fazer muito frio!). Continua em nossa história, segundo ela, fomos descobertos pouco mais de 500 anos atrás, mas isso não significa que não houvesse pessoas que viviam aqui antes, os povos indígenas. Mas, mesmo com história "nos livros" passamos por muita coisa: luta pela nossa liberdade, massacres, guerras, revolução, escravidão, exploração, ditadura, guerras civis ...

Você também vai descobrir que os brasileiros são muito acolhedores e altamente adaptáveis. É a origem do quem somos. Não há um sangue puro brasileiro. Somos compostos de tantas nações e culturas diferentes, indígenas, europeus, africanos, japoneses, chineses, judeus, outros sul-americanos ... Se você pesquisar a emigração de diferentes povos provavelmente vai descobrir que o maior povoado fora de seus países de origem estão no Brasil .

Os brasileiros são capazes de produzir uma das melhores e mais  enérgicas Copas do Mundo de todos os tempos. Nós somos o país do futebol!

Mas eu acho que nós fomos tão batidos pela vida e as dificuldades que temos essa característica de pensar que todo mundo é melhor do que nós. Dá tristeza que isso talvez  seja o que será mostrado para o mundo. Mas eu sei que a beleza que existe neste belo vasto país é a sua gente e espero que você também vera isso.

Feliz Copa do Mundo!

Ps:. Aos brasileiros eu digo o que minha mãe costumava dizer, roupas sujas, não se lavam na frente dos nossas visitas ... Os problemas vão continuar após a copa do mundo e vai demorar um pouco para resolver, mas esta é a oportunidade de mostrar tudo de bom que temos a oferecer! Essa é a única coisa que pode trazer mudanças positivas e respeito.

Monday, 19 May 2014


She always left home before her husband and her precious boys. She kissed each one of them on their foreheads and thought how difficult the last few days have been. It was just too much for her to see her sons suffering. She heard them crying the night before hiding away from her. And that hurt even more. She knew it was something at school, comments from other kids. It had already happened before. They didn't have friends, just because of where she was from. She couldn't change the fact that she was a foreigner and there was nothing she could do to solve her boys’ problems. It made her feel powerless and that was what upset her the most. It was just not fair…

She left home late for work. Stopped at a petrol station to fill up her car. An old lady was in front of her in the queue to pay. When the lady’s turn arrived she took a long time to pay for the 2 or 3 unimportant items she was purchasing. She was the one with bills to pay and late to get to work! She should be the one with priority, her job was more important. Why this woman needed to buy these things at rush hour? The old lady looked back apologising but she only nodded her head in disapproval making sure she showed her discontentment.

She finally arrived at work, walking fast through the corridor she saw one of her colleagues coming in the opposite direction still some distance away. She didn't like her much, always dressed in a strange way, had a funny hair and was always showing too much, it just wasn't decent. She looked down at some paperwork she was carrying with her at the exact moment the woman passed by just so that she didn't need to say hello.

Later she left for her lunch and decided to buy a sandwich at the local deli. She looked through the window and noticed it was the gay man that was working. She didn't mind gay people but he was just a bit too much, his behaviour, the way he speaks. She kept telling herself that it wasn't his sexual choice, she would feel the same way if he were straight, it was just his behaviour.

She walked back to the office when she saw a group of teenagers laughing and joking. They had darker skin, tattoos, hats and piercing. She didn't feel safe and decided to cross the street.

She sat down at her desk and the 20 years old manager came into the office to ask for some help. She got annoyed and treated her coldly thinking how they could hire someone so young and inexperienced to do such an important job.

She left work anxious to get home and spend time with her precious family. She walked pass a man sweeping the streets. He was on her way and that made her stop to wait for him. He haven’t seen her, he was just doing his job looking down. But she was impatient and thought he should pay more attention to the people trying to pass by, they had important things to do, places to get to.

She finally arrived home and found her two little boys crying and playing alone once more. They were bullied at school again. Her heart broke. It was just unfair! She felt powerless. Why me? Why my boys? What kind of society do we live in?

The one we create…

Unless we change the way we think and live our lives racism and prejudice will always be present. It’s much bigger than just actions or words against other people. It comes in all shapes and forms. It starts with how we think and see the world. Unless each one of us start to change it will be just transferred from generation to generation. We are all different and will always be. I choose to live in a world where we accept each other and our differences with love. Hope you also do…


Ela sempre saia de casa antes de seu marido e de seus preciosos meninos. Ela beijou cada um deles na testa e pensou quão difícil os últimos dias tinham sido. Era muito dificil para ela ver seus filhos sofrendo. Ela ouviu eles chorando a noite anterior se escondendo dela. E isso machucou ainda mais. Ela sabia que era algo na escola, comentários de outras crianças. Já tinha acontecido antes. Eles não têm amigos, só por causa de onde ela era. Ela não podia mudar o fato de que era uma estrangeira e não havia nada que pudesse fazer para resolver os problemas dos seus meninos. Isso a fez sentir-se impotente e isso era o que incomodava mais. Não era justo ...

Ela saí de casa atrasada para o trabalho. Parou em um posto de gasolina para completar o tanque. Uma senhora estava à sua frente na fila para pagar. Quando chegou a vez da senhora ela levou muito tempo para pagar os 2 ou 3 itens sem importância que ela estava comprando. Ela era quem tinha contas para pagar e atrasada para começar a trabalhar! Ela deveria ser quem tinha prioridade, seu trabalho era mais importante. Por que essa senhora precisava comprar estas coisas na hora do rush? A velha senhora olhou para trás pedindo desculpas, mas ela apenas balançou a cabeça em sinal de desaprovação tendo certeza que ela mostrou seu descontentamento.

Finalmente ela chegou ao trabalho, andando rápido pelo corredor, viu uma das colegas que vinha em sentido oposto ainda a alguma distância. Ela não gostava muito dela, sempre vestida de uma forma estranha, tinha um cabelo engraçado e estava sempre mostrando demais para ser direita. Ela olhou para alguns papéis que carregava com ela no exato momento em que a mulher passou apenas para que ela não precisasse dizer olá.

Mais tarde, ela foi para o seu almoço e decidiu comprar um sanduíche na lanchonete ali perto. Ela olhou pela janela e percebeu que era o homem gay que hoje estava trabalhando. Ela não se importava com pessoas gays, mas ele era um pouco demais, o seu comportamento, a maneira como ele fala. Ela continuou dizendo a si mesma que não era a opção sexual dele, ela se sentiria da mesma forma se fosse heterosexual, era apenas o seu comportamento.

Ela caminhou de volta para o escritório quando viu um grupo de adolescentes rindo e brincando. Eles tinham a pele mais escura, tatuagens, bonés e piercing. Ela não se sentiu segura e decidiu atravessar a rua.

Ela se sentou em sua mesa e a gerente de 20 anos de idade entrou no escritório para pedir ajuda. Ela ficou irritada e a tratou friamente pensando em como poderiam ter contratado alguém tão jovem e inexperiente para fazer um trabalho assim importante.

Ela saiu do trabalho ansiosa para chegar em casa e passar tempo com sua preciosa família. Passou por um homem varrendo as ruas, ele estava no seu caminho e isso a fez parar para esperar por ele. Ele não a viu, estava apenas fazendo o seu trabalho olhando para baixo. Mas ela estava impaciente e achou que ele deveria prestar mais atenção às pessoas que tentavam passar, elas tinham coisas importantes para fazer, lugares para chegar.

Ela finalmente chegou em casa e encontrou seus dois meninos chorando e brincando sozinhos mais uma vez. Eles foram intimidados na escola novamente. Seu coração se partiu. Era apenas injusto! Ela se sentia impotente. Por que eu? Por que os meus meninos? Que tipo de sociedade em que vivemos?

Aquela que criamos ...

Se não mudarmos a nossa forma de pensar e viver nossas vidas racismo e preconceito sempre estarão presentes. É muito maior do que apenas ações ou palavras contra outras pessoas. Vem em muitos tamanhos e formas. Começa na maneira como pensamos e vemos o mundo. A menos que cada um de nós comece a mudar, isso será apenas transferido de geração em geração. Somos todos diferentes e seremos sempre. Eu escolho viver em um mundo onde podemos aceitar uns aos outros e nossas diferenças com amor. Espero que você também ...


My name is Jox, I'm 15 years old. I need to start by saying this: by no means, is this a historical document but merely an essay reque...