Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Fair world?

In times of election in the UK votes are gained by saying they will make immigration stop. At the same time a boat full of people trying to have a better future sinks taking all those hopes and lives. Its time for us to ask what kind of world we want to live in and even more, what we want to leave for the next generations. Being an immigrant myself, I’m incredible grateful for the opportunity I had and I know how lucky I am. I love this country that gave me opportunities and a life I could have never dreamed of. But is it really fair for people to be granted opportunities just because of the random fact of where they were born? I can’t think of anything more unequal than this… This world is not truly ours, we are just passengers here for a set amount of time it’s not right to protect and guard it this way. We shouldn't be building higher walls but making sure we transform this world as whole in a better place so that we all have equal opportunities wherever place we decide to live. It’s gone the times of conquering and protecting lands at any cost. Lets take this connectedness that is possible nowadays with all the technology we have and we are so proud of and face the fact that it’s a different world and we are all the same wanting the same thing. Fight for a better future for everyone not just the people that where born within our same geographical division


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