Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother’s day, everyday of your life!

My Mom?
I'm not going to say she is perfect since no one is. Yes, we had our arguments and fights over the years. Things I didn't understand, she didn't understand.
I'm not a mother so many may say I won’t comprehend. But just considering becoming a mother one day and giving up what my life is makes me think how selfless mother’s are. My mother dedicated all her life to have and raise my two brothers and I.
As all mothers she didn't study or train to be one, she just learnt along the way. And even if everything was not perfect it was just right to shape me into the person I'm today. And I'm grateful!
For all the sleepless nights, the fear of making mistakes, the departed dreams, the protection, the love.
And I can only imagine how much love it takes to insist to your daughter to move away from you, to another country laying in a hospital bed when needing her most. I decided not to go and stay with you but you’re braver than me and persisted so that I wouldn't give up my dreams and let the opportunity slip away.
Or the countless times life broke me up and you were there to pick up the pieces and make me stand again. You are always my safe harbour.
Thank you mother, that’s all I can say. It will never be enough but also know that I love you more than words can express.  
Happy Mother’s day, everyday of your life!


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